• Cesenatico
    parco di levanteTHE GREEN AREAS

    The care and attention to the environment in Cesenatico are reflected in the presence of many green areas and open spaces where you can practice sports or simply relax in contact with nature. Read more»

  • Cesenatico
    il borgo di mareTHE FISHING VILLAGE

    Even today you can still breathe the atmosphere of the fishing village in every corner of the town; wander through its narrow alleys, admire the colourful houses of the fishermen that surround you and the picturesque views and enchanting squares. Read more»

  • Gatteo a Mare

    Summer is approaching and Gatteo Mare is preparing to welcome you ... don't you already feel the sweet notes of the Liscio Weeks in the air? Mark the weeks from 19th to 26th June and from 11th to 18th September on your agenda and let's start dancing! Read more»

  • Gatteo a Mare
    Triathlon Rubicone GatteoTRIATHLON RUBICONE GATTEO

    25 April 2021: with the fourth edition of the 'Triathlon Rubicone Gatteo' Gatteo Mare becomes a large outdoor gym! Registration open until April 20, here all the info Read more»

  • San Mauro Mare
    panoramicaWelcome in San Mauro Mare

    Dear guests, welcome to the little country of San Mauro Mare, one of the Romagna Riviera’s true little pearls. Prepare for an unforgettable stay in this seaside town that will certainly find a special place in your heart Read more»